What IZBA is used for and how to use it
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IZBA - Consumer Medicine Information

Manufacture: Alcon
Country: Canada
Condition: Intraocular Hypertension
Class: Ophthalmic glaucoma agents
Form: Eye drops (ophthalmic)
Ingredients: Travoprost (Travoprost), Polyquantemium-1, Boric acid, Hydrochloric acid and/or Sodium hydroxide (to adjust pH), Mannitol, Polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil 40 (HCO-40), Propylene glycol, Purified water and Sodium chloride.


(travoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.003% w/v

What is Izba* Used For

Izba* is used to treat high pressure in the eye. This pressure can lead to an illness called glaucoma.

High Pressure in the Eye(s)

Your eyeballs contain a clear, watery liquid which feeds the inside of the eye. Liquid is always emptying out of the eye, and more liquid is always being produced. If the eye fills up faster than it empties, the pressure inside the eye builds up. If it gets too high, it can damage your sight.

How does Izba* Work

Izba* is one of a group of medicines for glaucoma called prostaglandins. It works by increasing the outflow of liquid, which lowers the pressure in the eye. It may be used on its own or other glaucoma eye drops, which also reduce pressure.

What are the Ingredients in Izba*

Medicinal ingredients:  travoprost

Non-medicinal ingredients: boric acid, hydrochloric acid and/or sodium hydroxide (to adjust pH), mannitol, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil (HCO-40), polyquaternium-1 (POLYQUAD*), propylene glycol, purified water and sodium chloride.

Izba* Comes in the Following Dosage Forms

Izba* is supplied as a 2.5 mL or 5 mL solution in a plastic bottle with a foil pouch which serves as a security-feature. Do not use if the foil pouch is damaged or missing.

Do not Use Izba* If

  • You are allergic to travoprost or to prostaglandin analogues.
  • You are allergic to any components of the Izba* or its packaging (see What are the ingredients in Izba*?).
  • You are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.

To help avoid side effects and ensure proper use, talk to your healthcare professional before you take Izba*. Talk about any health conditions or problems you may have, including if:

  • You are breast-feeding or planning to breastfeed. Izba* may get into your breast milk.
  • You wear soft contact lenses.
  • You are under 18 years of age.
  • You had eye surgery or will be having eye surgery.
  • You have an eye infection, eye irritation or suffer any damage to your eye(s).

Other Warnings you Should Know About

  • If you wear soft contact lenses, do not use Izba* while wearing them. Wait 15 minutes after using Izba* before you put your contact lenses back in.
  • If Izba* comes into contact with your skin, then it should be washed off right away.
  • You may find that your vision is blurred for a short time after using Izba*. Do not drive or use machines until your vision is clear.

Tell your healthcare professional about all the medicines you take, including any drugs, vitamins, minerals, natural supplements or alternative medicines.

The Following may Interact with Izba*

Drug interaction studies have not been done for Izba*. There are no known interactions with Izba* and other drugs. If you are currently, or have recently taken other medications, consult your health care provider.

How to take Izba*:


  • Get the Izba* bottle and a mirror (if needed).
  • Wash your hands.
  • Twist off the cap.
  • Hold the bottle, pointing down, between your thumb and fingers.
  • Tilt your head back. Pull down your eyelid with a clean finger, until there is a “pocket” between the eyelid and your eye. The drop will go here (picture 1).
  • Bring the bottle tip close to the eye. Use the mirror if it helps.
  • Don’t touch your eye or eyelid, surrounding areas or other surfaces with the dropper. It could get germs on the dropper tip.
  • Gently squeeze the bottle to release one drop of Izba* at a time (picture 2).
  • Put the bottle cap back on tightly after use.

If a drop misses your eye, wipe off with a tissue and try again.

If you are using other eye drops, wait at least 5 minutes between putting Izba*, and the other eye drops, in your eye(s).

Usual Dose

Adults: 1 drop in your eye or eyes, once a day. Evening is the best time to take Izba*.

Only use Izba* in both eyes if your doctor told you to. Take it for as long as your doctor told you to. Only use Izba* in your eye(s).


If you think you have taken too much Izba*, contact your healthcare professional, hospital emergency department or regional Poison Control Centre immediately, even if there are no symptoms.

Missed Dose

If you forget to use Izba*, take your next scheduled dose. Do not use a double dose to make up.

What are Possible Side Effects from Using Izba*

These are not all the possible side effects you may feel when taking Izba*. If you experience any side effects not listed here, contact your healthcare professional.

Common side effects include eye redness, itching, irritation and dry eye.

  • Izba* may increase the length, thickness, colour and /or number of your eye lashes.
  • Izba* may change the colour of your eye. It may make your iris (the coloured part of your eye) more brown. This may occur slowly over a period of months.
  • Increase in eyelash growth and change in eye colour may be permanent.

Serious Side Effects and what to do about Them

Symptom / effect Talk to your healthcare professional Stop taking drug and get immediate medical help
Only if severe In all cases
UNCOMMON Hypersensitivity or allergic reaction including the signs or symptoms of rash, hives, swelling, or generalized itching     X
RARE Unusual eye symptomsa   X  
Asthma or trouble breathing   X  
Changes in heart rate or rhythm   X  
Chest pain   X  
High or low blood pressure   X  

aSwelling of the back of your eye has been reported during treatment with Travoprost. The risk is higher in patients without their natural lens or who have had cataract surgery with a replacement lens

If you have a troublesome symptom or side effect that is not listed here or becomes bad enough to interfere with your daily activities, talk to your healthcare professional. 

Reporting Side Effects

You can help improve the safe use of health products for Canadians by reporting serious and unexpected side effects to Health Canada. Your report may help to identify new side effects and change the product safety information

3 ways to report:

  • Online at MedEffect;
  • By calling 1-866-234-2345 (toll-free);
  • By completing a Consumer Side Effect Reporting Form and sending it by:
    • Fax to 1-866-678-6789 (toll-free), or
    • Mail to:   Canada Vigilance Program
                       Health Canada, Postal Locator 0701E
                       Ottawa, ON
                       K1A 0K9

Postage paid labels and the Consumer Side Effect Reporting Form are available at MedEffect.

NOTE: Contact your health professional if you need information about how to manage your side effects. The Canada Vigilance Program does not provide medical advice.


This medicine has been prescribed for you alone. You must not pass it on to other people. It may harm them, even if they have the same illness as you.

Store at 2° - 25°C. Refrigeration is not required.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Do not use Izba* for more than 65 days after opening the 2.5 mL bottle and 125 days after opening the 5 mL bottle.

Don’t use Izba* after the expiry date (marked ‘EXP’) on the bottle and box.

If you Want More Information about Izba*

  • Talk to your healthcare professional
  • Find the full product monograph that is prepared for healthcare professionals and includes this Patient Medication Information by visiting the Health Canada website; the manufacturer’s website http://www.alcon.ca, or by calling 1-800-613-2245