What Elocom is used for and how to use it
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Elocom - Consumer Medicine Information

Manufacture: Merck and Co., Inc.
Country: Canada
Condition: Atopic Dermatitis, Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis
Class: Topical steroids
Form: Cream, Cream, gel, liniment or balm, lotion, ointment, etc
Ingredients: mometasone furoate, aluminum starch octenylsuccinate, hexylene glycol, hydrogenated soybean lecithin, phosphoric acid, purified water, titanium dioxide, white soft paraffin, white wax, hexylene glycol, phosphoric acid, propylene glycol monostearate, purified water, white petrolatum, white wax, hydroxypropylcellulose, isopropyl alcohol, phosphoric acid, propylene glycol, purified water, sodium phosphate monobasic

Mometasone Furoate Cream, BP

Mometasone Furoate Ointment, Merck Standard

Mometasone Furoate Lotion

About this Medication

What the Medication is Used for

In adult, ELOCOM Cream, Ointment and Lotion:

  • are used for the relief of swelling and itching caused by skin conditions like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema). The lotion may be applied to scalp lesions.
  • can be used for a maximum of:
    • 5 days on the face, scalp, skin-fold areas and groin
    • 3 weeks on the body

What it does

ELOCOM, has anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive actions (makes blood vessels constrict) to help relieve swelling and itching. The exact mechanism of action is not known.

When it Should not be Used

Do not use ELOCOM Cream, Ointment or Lotion if you:

  • are allergic to mometasone furoate, other corticosteroids, or to any of the other ingredients of ELOCOM
  • have bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral skin infection (e.g. herpes simplex, chickenpox), tuberculous or syphilis skin lesions, or skin reaction following a recent vaccination
  • have acne
  • have rosacea (a facial skin condition where the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead or entire face are unusually red, with or without tiny visible blood vessels, bumps (papules) or pus-filled bumps (pustules)
  • have itchy skin which is not inflamed

Do not apply ELOCOM in the eyes.

What the Medicinal Ingredient is

Mometasone furoate

What the Important Nonmedicinal Ingredients are


  • aluminum starch octenylsuccinate
  • hexylene glycol
  • hydrogenated soybean lecithin
  • phosphoric acid
  • purified water
  • titanium dioxide
  • white soft paraffin
  • white wax


  • hexylene glycol
  • phosphoric acid
  • propylene glycol monostearate
  • purified water
  • white petrolatum
  • white wax


  • hydroxypropylcellulose
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • phosphoric acid
  • propylene glycol
  • purified water
  • sodium phosphate monobasic

What Dosage Forms it comes in

  • ELOCOM Cream 0.1% is supplied in 15 g and 50 g tubes
  • ELOCOM Ointment 0.1% is supplied in 15 g and 50 g tubes
  • ELOCOM Lotion 0.1% is supplied in 30 mL and 75 mL plastic bottles

Warnings and Precautions

Apply just enough ELOCOM to cover the areas. ELOCOM can get into the blood and cause side effects.

Always follow your doctor’s instructions.

ELOCOM is NOT recommended for use with airtight bandage.

ELOCOM is more likely to cause side effects when used:

  • over large areas
  • on sensitive areas such as the face, scalp, skin fold areas like the armpit and groin
  • on broken skin
  • for a long time

Inform any doctor you consult that you are using or have previously used corticosteroids.

Before using ELOCOM, talk to your doctor or pharmacist if:

  • you have any skin disease around a leg ulcer; use of a topical corticosteroid may increase the risk of an allergic reaction or an infection around the ulcer.
  • you are currently treating an infection using an antifungal or antibacterial agent.
  • you have other inflammatory skin diseases in the leg as a result of impaired circulation (such as stasis dermatitis).
  • you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
  • you are breastfeeding. It is not known if ELOCOM will appear in breast milk. You should only use ELOCOM while breastfeeding if you and your doctor decide if the benefits to the mother outweigh the risks to the baby. If you do breastfeed when using ELOCOM, do not apply it on your breasts to ensure the infant does not accidentally get it in their mouth.
  • you have problems with your kidney and liver. You may need to use a smaller amount of ELOCOM or use it less often.

While using ELOCOM, talk to your doctor or pharmacist if:

  • you develop any skin infection
  • you have an allergic reaction
  • you develop significant skin irritation
  • you experience skin thinning or softening
  • your condition worsens or does not improve

Care should be taken when applying ELOCOM to the face or in skin-fold areas, such as the groin and the armpit since these areas are more prone to skin thinning.

Use with caution when applying ELOCOM near the eyes.

Children absorb larger amounts of topical corticosteroids and therefore, may be more likely to develop side effects. ELOCOMis not recommended for use in children under 18 years of age.

Do NOT cover the affected skin or scalp areas with airtight bandages.

Interactions with this Medication

It is NOT known whether ELOCOM interacts with other medication. Some medicines may affect how ELOCOM works and may make it more likely that you will have side effects. Some of these medicines may include:

  • Ritonavir (for HIV).
  • Itraconazole (for fungal infections).

Tell your doctor or pharmacist about all your other medications, including medicines that you bought without a prescription and natural health products.

Proper Use of this Medication

Use the minimum quantity of ELOCOM for the shortest amount of time necessary to achieve the desired results. This is especially important if you are 65 years or older or have liver or kidney disease.

ELOCOM is for use on the skin and scalp only. It is NOT for use in the eyes or other mucous membranes.

Usual Adult Dose

ELOCOM Cream or Ointment

Apply a thin film to the affected skin areas once a day or as directed by your doctor.

Use for a maximum of:

  • 5 days on the face, skin-fold areas and groin.
  • 3 weeks on the body. If your condition worsens or no improvement is seen within 2 weeks, contact your doctor.


Apply a few drops to the affected skin areas (which may include scalp sites) once a day, or as directed by your doctor. Massage gently and thoroughly until the medication disappears.

Use for a maximum of:

  • 5 days on the scalp, face, skin-fold areas and groin.
  • 3 weeks on the body. If your condition worsens or no improvement is seen within 2 weeks, contact your doctor.

Use ELOCOM only as directed by your health care provider. Do NOT use more of it, do NOT use it more often and do NOT use it for a longer period of time than your health care provider recommended. Using too much ELOCOM may increase your chances of unwanted and sometimes dangerous side effects.

This medication has been prescribed specifically for you. Do NOT give it to anyone else. It may harm them, even if their symptoms seem to be similar to yours.


In case of drug overdose, contact a health care practitioner, hospital emergency department or regional Poison Control Centre immediately, even if there are no symptoms.

Missed dose

If you forget to use ELOCOM, apply it as soon as you remember. If it is close to the time scheduled to apply your next dose, wait and apply your next scheduled dose and then continue as before. Do not apply extra ELOCOM to make up for missed doses.

Side Effects and what to do about them

Side effects may include:

  • your condition worsens or does not improve
  • skin sensations such as:
    • burning, tingling, or stinging
    • strong itching sensation
    • softening and thinning of the skin
    • inflammation of hair follicles
    • acne-like reactions

Very rarely the following may occur:

  • aggravation of the disease
  • dry skin, abnormal redness, appearance of boils, aggravated allergy, dermatitis (swelling of the skin), increased lesion size
  • nausea

Additionally, the following side effects have been found to occur with the use of other topical corticosteroids:

  • infection or signs of infection, irritation
  • unwanted hair, lightening of skin color
  • dermatitis (swelling of the skin) near or around the mouth, allergic contact dermatitis
  • stretch marks
  • heat rash

ELOCOM can cause abnormal blood and urine test results. Your doctor will decide when to perform tests and will interpret the results.

Serious Side Effects, how often they Happen and what to do about them

Symptom/effectTalk with your doctor or pharmacistStop taking
drug and
call your
doctor or
Only if
In all
UncommonAllergic reaction: chills, fever, muscle aches or pains or other flu-like symptoms occurring with or before a skin rash
RareCushing's Syndrome: weight gain, moon face / rounding of the face and obesity
UnknownSteroid Withdrawal Syndrome: weight loss, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain
Hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar): frequent urination, thirst and hunger
Glucosuria (sugar in urine): excessive or sweet smelling urine
Osteoporosis: weakening of the bones potentially leading to an increased risk of bone fracture
Glaucoma or Cataracts: blurred vision, increased pressure in your eyes, eye pain

This is not a complete list of side effects. For any unexpected effects while taking ELOCOM cream, ointment or lotion contact your doctor or pharmacist.

How to Store it

Store between 15° and 30°C

Do NOT use if past expiry date on the label.

Keep out of reach of children

Reporting Suspected Side Effects

You can report any suspected adverse reactions associated with the use of health products to the Canada Vigilance Program by one of the following 3 ways:

  • Report online at www.healthcanada.gc.ca/medeffect Call toll-free at1-866-234-2345
  • Complete a Canada Vigilance Reporting Form and :
    • Fax toll-free to 1-866-678-6789, or
    • Mail to: Canada Vigilance Program
                     Health Canada Postal Locator 0701E
                     Ottawa ON K1A 0K9

    Postage paid labels, Canada Vigilance Reporting Form and the adverse reaction reporting guidelines are available on the MedEffect Canada Web site at www.healthcanada.gc.ca/medeffect

NOTE: Should you require information related to the management of side effects contact your healthcare professional. The Canada Vigilance Program does not provide medical advice.

More Information

This document plus the full product monograph, prepared for health professionals can be found at http://www.merck.ca or by contacting the sponsor, Merck Canada Inc. at: 1-800-567-2594.