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Budesonide – Instructions For Use

Manufacture: Watson Laboratories Inc. (Allergan)
Country: Canada
Condition: Asthma, Cough, Shortness of Breath (Dyspnea), Wheezing (Asthma)
Class: Bronchodilators, Topical steroids
Form: Liquid solution, Inhaler
Ingredients: budesonide, sodium chloride, disodium edetate, polysorbate 80, citric acid, tri sodium citrate, and water for injection.


Budesonide inhalation suspension is only for use with a jet nebulizer machine. Make sure you know how to use your jet nebulizer machine before your child uses budesonide inhalation suspension.

Budesonide inhalation suspension is a liquid that is turned into a mist by a nebulizer and inhaled into the lungs.

The face mask should be properly adjusted to optimize delivery and to avoid exposing the eyes to the nebulized medication. Corticosteroid effects on the skin can be avoided if the face is washed after the use of a face mask.

  1. Budesonide inhalation suspension comes in a sealed protective aluminum foil envelope.
    • Do not open the sealed pouch until you are ready to use a dose of budesonide inhalation suspension.
    • Open the sealed foil envelope along the dotted line and take out 1 single-dose ampule from the strip. See Figure 1.
    • Record the date that you opened the foil on the back of the envelope in the space provided.

    Return the unopened budesonide inhalation suspension ampules on the strip back into the foil envelope before storing.

    Figure 1

  2. Gently shake the budesonide inhalation suspension ampule using a circular motion as shown in Figure 2.
  3. Figure 2

  4. Hold the budesonide inhalation suspension ampule upright without squeezing the ampule and open by twisting off the top as shown in Figure 3.
  5. Figure 2

  6. Place the open end of the budesonide inhalation suspension ampule into the nebulizer cup (reservoir) and slowly squeeze all of the medicine from the ampule into the nebulizer medicine cup as shown in Figure 4. Throw away the empty ampule.
  7. Figure 4

  8. Use your jet nebulizer as directed.